tensioconsult was founded in 2004 by Dr Joachim Weißen. After his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Aachen (Germany) Dr Weißen joined the Akzo Nobel Group where he furthered his career, gaining experience in the industrial chemical field and rising up through the echelons.


In 1999 he became Managing Director of the Research and Development Department for washing and cleaning products in Düren, Germany, after almost two decades of managerial work on the chemistry of complex cleaning agents, a post which he held until 2002, concentrating mainly on developing product specific testing procedures. Dr Weißen‘s work has always been orientated towards practical „consumer relevant“ methodology and he has never lost sight of the evolutive situation of the consumer market.


In consequence his knowledge of markets, products and his vast experience logically make him the driving force of tensioconsult and a key figure in the company‘s everyday development and research programs.